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Tricia is the president and owner of LEAD Alliance. She works collaboratively with organizations in planning, organizing and facilitating professional conferences, strategic visioning meetings and team development initiatives. [click for full bio/resume]
Words to describe Tricia: Energetic, innovative, collaborative
Quote: “How do you know when you’re lost if you didn’t know where you were going in the first place?”
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Kathleen serves both as the financial manager and the office manager for LEAD Alliance. She provides onsite recording and logistical support as well as offsite organizational and administrative support for LEAD Alliance’s clients. [click for full bio/resume]
Words to describe Kathleen: Resourceful, flexible, conscientious
Quote: “You need a high GAS factor, don’t you think?”
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Carol provides support for consulting and facilitation engagements. She plays a critical role in the preparation for retreats, meetings and conferences, as well as with post-project activities. She serves as editor for LEAD Alliance and its clients. [click for full bio/resume]

Words to describe Carol: Inventive, organized, reliable
Quote: “My mantra for writers: Avoid unnecessary words.”
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